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We offer private Dutch lessons for beginner students, using a unique method that helps you study Dutch smarter, not harder. 

Our lessons take place in Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden or online. Learn all the basics from the comfort of your own home, and grow from a beginner to intermediate student in no time! 

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What our students say about us

  • 5 star review  I am very thankful to have Pim as my tutor. He is incredibly knowledgeable, committed, patient and flexible and best of all he makes learning Dutch fun. I look forward... read more

    thumb Carla Fernandes Pereira

    5 star review  My lessons with Marten gave me a different perspective about language learning. It was comfortable but serious, engaging and rich in context. It was never dull. Thank you, Dutch Ready,... read more

    thumb Liz Koetsier
  • 5 star review  My classes with Connie are the best, she is a really good teacher, makes learning Dutch fun and me looking forward to each of them, totally recommend taking classes with... read more

    thumb Charly Pavón

    5 star review  Thank you Danielle for helping Haylen and Phoebe in practicing their dutch. We couldn't have asked for a better tutor! You are a star!!!!

    thumb Laetitia Fredericks
  • 5 star review  I'm really enjoying my sessions with Emilie at Dutch Ready! I feel like i'm learning a lot and she's very patient and flexible with finding a learning method that works... read more

    thumb Ashley Herbert

    5 star review  My 5year old needed some extra help with learning Dutch. Mitra started working with her and we saw fast improvement with her Dutch. Mitra is incredibly good with my daughter... read more

    thumb Natasha van den Berg
  • 5 star review  Got matched up quickly with a tutor who understood what I needed and we could work out a plan. The Dutch Ready team are very supportive and I can ask... read more

    thumb Nicola Harris

    5 star review  My kids love working with Danielle and says that time flies when they have lessons with her as she makes it fun and interactive. She alters her lessons to their... read more

    thumb Laetitia Fredericks
  • 4 star review  My tutor was quite flexible and attentive to my learning needs. She always adjusted her teaching techniques to help me better understand the Dutch language from a writing & speaking perspective.

    thumb Keletso Njobo

    5 star review  An amazing tutor who was patient and professional and helped my son to a great degree. Would happily recommend her services to all and any.Pity cant continue but understand all... read more

    thumb Jessica Jacqueline Van der Meer

Study smarter, not harder

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We are convinced that learning Dutch doesn’t have to be hard. Did you know that even as a beginner, there are tons of Dutch words you secretly know already? We will start with how Dutch is similar to what you already know, and then simplify the things you still need to learn. Language learning made easy!


Introductory offer

Good chemistry is key!
Get to know your tutor and see if their approach to teaching is right for you. 
Sign up today for a discounted 1 hour trial lesson for only 15,-. 

✓ Save 35 euros on your first lesson
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Beginner lessons that always fit your calendar

Schedule your Dutch beginner lessons flexibly, and decide for yourself when, where and how often you can make time to study. Choose to take your lessons from the comfort of your own home for example, meet your teacher in your favorite café or take your Dutch classes online.

All of our beginner lesson packages are valid for 6 months, so you will always have plenty of time to finish what you started. Did something come up? You are free to cancel your lesson up to 48 hours in advance!

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Studying the way that works for you

Study materials are provided by us during your Dutch beginner lessons, and are customized for each and every student. No general knowledge, but instead learning new skills that you can immediately start to use in daily life.

Everyone has different learning goals, so why would we teach everybody the same things? We personalize every Dutch lesson and focus on what you need and want to learn. This way you will progress from beginner to intermediate student in no time.

Learning Dutch fast with your own private teacher

Learning a new language from scratch is a big task. With the personal care of private Dutch lessons, you will start to see great results in just a short period of time. Our native Dutch teachers are excited to help you accomplish your learning goals, and have plenty of experience with beginner students.

All of our Dutch lesson packages are custom made for our students. Before starting your beginner course, we find out what your current level is, what your learning goals are and when you’d like to start. Based on this information we match you up with one of our tutors for a discounted trial lesson (€15) so you can meet them yourself. Not a perfect fit? We’ll schedule a second lesson with another tutor, free of charge.

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Are you ready for your
Dutch Adventure?

Find our prices for 1-on-1 private beginner Dutch lessons below.

Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason Dutch Ready doesn’t live up to your expectations, or maybe your financial situation has changed, just let us know before your third lesson. No forms, no hoops. We make cancelling easy.


  • In person lessons:
  • 50,- per hour
  • Online lessons:
  • 45,- per hour*


  • In person lessons:
  • 45,- per hour
  • Online lessons:
  • 40,50 per hour*


  • In person lessons:
  • 40,- per hour
  • Online lessons:
  • 36,- per hour*

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How long it takes to learn a new language is a bit difficult to say, as it depends on multiple factors. However, we believe that with private lessons and our unique teaching method we can speed up the process quite a bit. From experience we can say that we’ve had students grow tremendously from beginner to basic conversational skills in only 20 lesson hours. That’s fantastic progress in a short amount of time!

In order to become more and more fluent in a language, depth and repetition is definitely very important. We therefore recommend taking at least 2 lessons a week of 1-1,5 hours each. That being said, ultimately this is up to you and your schedule. Taking some lessons is better than taking none at all.

Our face to face beginner lessons take place in Amsterdam, Haarlem or Leiden. You can schedule to meet your tutor either at your own home, in your favorite café or even at your teacher’s house, that’s all up to you. Another possibility is to schedule your classes online. This option will give you an extra 10% discount on your chosen lesson package.

Sure! As you are free to determine the frequency and duration of your lessons, we can easily customize an intensive course for you. This could mean that you schedule lessons every single day until the end of your course for example, or start off with a few intensive weeks while toning it down more towards the end.

We leave that up to you. Many of our students are expats with busy lives and simply can’t find the time to schedule homework in addition to their Dutch classes, work obligations and family life. If however you are excited to keep up with Dutch outside of class, your teacher will be happy to prepare homework assignments for you. This could range anywhere from 1 to 6 hours a week, depending on what you prefer ofcourse.

Sure! Studying with someone you know is a great and fun way to learn Dutch, and it usually gives just that extra bit of motivation. Even better: we offer a 50% discount for every extra student! You can find more information about our 2-on-1 lessons here.

We can definitely offer you private Dutch beginner lessons with a friend, partner, colleague or even your family members.Traditional group lessons however (where you sit in a classroom with students you don’t know), are not offered by us. We believe in personal attention and customized lesson plans, something we feel can’t be given in a large group set up.

We definitely can! Our Inburgeringscursus helps you to prepare for your exam, using our custom lesson materials alongside exams from previous years. Besides the Inburgering, we’re also happy to guide you towards taking the NT2 exam.

Yes. When you register for a first trial lesson, we will have a short conversation with you to determine your learning goals and focus points. If you want to improve your conversational skills, then we make sure to find you a teacher that can help you with that. By doing role plays, games and interactive conversations, you will notice that your vocabulary will shift from ‘beginner’ to ‘intermediate’ in no time!

You sure can! If you already have a beginner course book that you want to continue with, we’re happy to work with that during the lessons. Otherwise we will bring our own custom lesson materials to class, included in the package price.

Payment is to be made in advance by bank transfer. You can pay the full amount of the course either in 1 go, or choose to pay in 2 or 3 terms (available for the Popular & Premium package). We will of course provide you with an invoice.

Even better: Dutch lessons are completely tax free as determined by the Dutch government. Easy as that!

Definitely. All we need are your company’s invoice details and the email address of the person handling finances. The invoice for your Dutch beginner lessons will then get sent directly to them.

Lesson credits are valid for 6 months, regardless of the package you choose. Within these 6 months you have the freedom to schedule lessons when and where you want, making it possible to pause your course for a few weeks should that become necessary. Simply can’t find a way to complete your course in time? We’ll be happy to discuss the possibilities of extending your credits whenever necessary.

Heb je nog vragen?

(Do you have any questions?)

Hoi! Ik ben Casper.

When I moved from the Netherlands to the U.S. as a child, I didn’t speak a single word of English. All I could do was try to learn. I know how powerful it can be to break down the language barrier and finally be able to speak to someone openly. Through Dutch Ready, I want to share that feeling with other beginners.

Coming from a neuroscience background, I was surprised that no other beginner Dutch lessons actually used the natural way our brains learn a new skill – by applying what you already know, and simplifying what you don’t. Having shaped our method around this principle, I’m confident you’ll be amazed by how easy Dutch can be.

I hope you’re excited to start improving your Dutch skills. Still want to ask a question or two before signing up? No problem! Just ask me anything!

Tot ziens! 

Introductory Offer

€15 for your first lesson!

Good chemistry is key!