Waar wij in geloven

(What we believe in)

Dutch Ready was founded in 2017 with the conviction that learning a new language doesn’t have to be as hard as it is usually made out to be. Yes, we know that it’s not necessarily easy either, it’s a process. But most people struggle with learning because they have only ever experienced traditional group lessons, with outdated teaching methods and topics that aren’t relevant.

Everybody’s brain (yes, yours too) has a natural way of learning new skills: through applying what you already know and simplifying what you don’t. We have shaped our method around this principle, teaching only in a private setting with full attention and focus on each student’s individual needs, level and preferences. 

We believe that anyone can make a new language their own, as long as they have the right tools and guidance.

Students chat in a cafe after their online lesson
Pictures of dutch online teachers and students

Wie wij zijn

(Who we are)

Hi I’m Casper! 

I was born in The Netherlands, but moved to the US as a child. Problem was, I didn’t speak a word of English, and I encountered the fear of not being able to talk to anyone openly. Breaking down that language barrier felt extremely powerful and I wanted to share that feeling with others too.

I moved back to The Netherlands many years ago but have always kept a fascination for languages. When teaching Dutch to some of my foreign friends, I noticed that my background in cognitive science really helped to improve their language skills quickly. This is when the idea of Dutch Ready came to life. 

When starting Dutch Ready in 2017 I taught the first few students myself. I noticed that I wasn’t able to keep up – we needed more teachers, to help everyone learn the smart way! Fast forward and we have an amazing team of freelance teachers working for Dutch Ready, helping hundreds of students every year.

Together with Client Manager Marianne and Course Developer Helga we now run Dutch Ready as a proper team, all working from our own hometown.

Wat wij doen

(What we do)

We know what it’s like to feel lost in a language. We know how scary it is to speak a different language when you haven’t mastered it yet. And we know how powerful it is when you finally break through that language barrier. And that’s exactly why we do what we do. 

We help our students learn Dutch fast, in a way that’s comfortable and completely customized to each and every individual. You might want to learn Dutch to speak to the parents of your kid’s friends at the school yard, while the next student needs to learn business Dutch to rock at company meetings.
Then how could we ever use the same textbook and learning structures for both students? Our answer is: we can’t. We use private lessons to really focus on the specific needs, wishes and current language level of each and every student individually. At the same time we apply our unique teaching method to achieve great results in just a short amount of time.

"This was my first experience with an online tutor. My teacher was patient, thorough, helpful and friendly. Overall I learned a lot and felt that the lessons were a very good introduction to Dutch. Highly recommended."
"I took up a package just to get me speaking more comfortably and easily, and I definitely saw a difference come to the end of it. Really enjoyed my lessons and have recommended to others."
"An amazing tutor who helped my son to a great degree. Would happily recommend her services to all and any. Also not only an amazing tutor but a wonderful person I can call my new friend"

Wat wij voor jou kunnen betekenen

(What we can do for you)

We want all expats in The Netherlands to feel happy and confident with Dutch. That’s why we offer free resources for everybody to use. And yes: that means completely free of charge. 

Besides our free tools we offer private Dutch lessons in Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden and online. By starting off with a short intake, we will determine your current language level, future goals and personal circumstances before matching you with a fitting tutor. You can already easily sign up for a discounted trial lesson here!

Whether you want to study Dutch with your family, aim to improve your conversation skills, or are looking for in-company Dutch classes, we at Dutch Ready can help you reach your language goals. Any questions? Have a look at our FAQ or contact us by filling out our contact form.

Ready to get started on your Dutch? 

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