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Start learning Dutch today!

You might be starting your Dutch journey soon, are finding yourself in the middle of your course or are contemplating where to begin.
In any case we are happy to get you up to speed with some free resources that you can use before, during and even after your Dutch classes. Dutch learning made easy!

1. Set your language goals and know where you're heading

Before starting any big learning process, it’s important to determine your end-goals & sub-goals. This will help you learn Dutch effectively and in a positive way. We have created a small exercise which can help you set your goals, you can find it here. It is recommended to fill it out before the start of your course but don’t let that stop you if you have already started!


2. Get your Dutch vocabulary going with Quizlet

Vocabulary is the basis of learning a new language and usually the best place to start. We have gathered various lists of vocabulary in the app Quizlet, categorized by topic and all available for free. Quizlet allows you to do various exercises, study on your core vocabulary and find out which words you secretly already know. Just visit or search ‘DutchReady’ in the Quizlet app. You can sign-up with a free account.


3. Practice your Dutch with daily online exercises

We post free daily Dutch exercises on our Dutch Ready Facebook Page, ranging from word shuffles, to rebusses and listening practices. Participate daily or just wait for the correct answers to appear.


4. Become a Dutchie and learn more about our culture

Us Dutchies have tons of funny and somewhat weird habits that are integrated in our culture. Like dinner time at 6:00 pm and getting your croquettes from the wall. We gather all of these plus interesting facts and literal translations on our Instagram Page. Follow us here


So that’s it guys, feel free to make use of our free resources! Looking for more? Check out our various private lesson packages and start mastering Dutch like a pro!

Ps. Did you know that we start all our Dutch courses off with a discounted trial lesson? This way you get to know your teacher in advance and see if their learning style is right for you. Book your online trial lesson here!

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