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We offer a private NT2 cursus, designed to help you prepare for your exam and pass it on the first try. Our unique method speeds up your Dutch learning and focuses on the specific skills that you need help with.

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Learn Dutch your way

An NT2 course that matches your level

Focus on what you still need to learn

Set your own goals

Optional homework at your level

Study at your own pace

Whether you are looking for an NT2 course to start from the beginning or need that final push to be fully prepared for the exam, you’re at the right place! Our private lessons are designed for every level so it doesn’t matter if you are a total beginner or more advanced student.

Not everybody starts off at the same point and therefore we provide you with study materials that fit your level. Your teacher will quickly find out what it is that you still want and need to focus on during your NT2 cursus. This way learning Dutch and getting ready for the NT2 exam will be as easy and fun as can be.

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Lessons that always fit your busy schedule

Decide when lessons are convenient for you

Choose your frequency and length of lessons

Cancel lessons up to 48h in advance, free of charge

Face to face or online lessons

Life is busy as an expat, we know. We therefore made sure that our NT2 cursus is completely flexible and tailors to your schedule. It is totally up to you when, where, how often and how long you want to plan your lessons.

Your schedule, your rules. Want to cram with an intensive NT2 cursus, or take your time with weekly lessons? It’s all up to you. Our lesson packages are valid for 3-9 months. This way you will have plenty of time to finish your NT2 course, even when life gets in the way. Did something come up? Cancel your Dutch lesson up to 48 hours in advance, free of charge.

Gain confidence with your native Dutch teacher

Find a teacher that is right for you

Clear and friendly explanation

Direct Feedback

Ask as many questions as you'd like

Your private Dutch tutor will help you finetune your skills until you are confident in taking the NT2 exam. We take great care in finding you the right teacher, one that fits your level, learning goals and needs. Good chemistry is key in this.

We have helped many students prepare for their exam with our NT2 cursus, allowing them to gain citizenship or their language certification. Your teacher will therefore know how to assist you and will use their own material combined with past examination papers during the course. This way you get to prepare and practice to the fullest. Before starting your NT2 cursus, we plan a discounted trial lesson for you to get to know your teacher. Not completely sure about your tutor? We will set up another trial lesson for free, until we’ve found you the right person.

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Study Method

During our online Dutch lessons we focus on what you already know, and simplify what you still need to learn. By using grammar comparison and other clever learning hacks, you can kickstart your Dutch and learn to speak Dutch comfortably.


Study smarter, not harder

Here’s what our students have to say

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"I'm thoroughly enjoying my one-to-one online lessons with my teacher, Annette. I'm learning lots in a very supportive environment, in a sensible, logical order. I'm practicing lots of speaking to activate my Dutch, as well. I recommend DutchReady absolutely."
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"Great experience with private Dutch lessons at Dutch Ready. Language learning is much easier 1-1 because it's way more focused and you don't have to waste time with difficulties of others. Thanks to Casper, today I'm able to speak and even do presentations in Dutch. Definitely recommended."
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"Wiejanda has been and is a great tutor, very dedicated and committed, creating a great learning environment. She also adapted very well to online teaching...and I found the admin office efficient and friendly. Overall a very nice experience that I hope to continue in the future..."
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"I have been very happy with this service. My tutor is a highly educated and considered individual who puts a lot of effort into both the lessons themselves, and the preparation. He is an outstanding teacher and a very interesting person."
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"Philip is a great tutor, he managed to adapt to my style of learning and we are making great progress. He has a great knowledge and methodology, so I'm pretty satisfied with the evolution of our classes so far."
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"My lessons with Marten gave me a different perspective about language learning. It was comfortable but serious, engaging and rich in context. It was never dull. Thank you, Dutch Ready, for attending to my requests. It was a great match, and it feels good to participate in lessons when you know the quality is worth it every session."

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Go from A0 - A1*

Go from A1 - A2*

Money back guarantee

VAT & materials included

Plan flexibly in 6 months

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40 hours

Go from A2 - B1*

Go from B1 - B2*

Money back guarantee

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* Estimates are based on current students and dependent upon time spent outside of lessons, similarity of learner native language, and learning aptitude. Results may vary.

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Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason Dutch Ready doesn’t live up to your expectations, or maybe your financial situation has changed, just let us know before your third lesson. No forms, no hoops. We make cancelling easy.

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The amount of hours you need to reach your NT2 – goals depend on various factors such as your current language level, your affinity with languages and the amount of time you spend practicing Dutch outside of your lessons. After your trial lesson and level assessment, you get to choose a 10 – / 20 – / or 40 hour package and decide for yourself on lesson length & frequency. Most students take 1-2 classes a week but this is completely up to you. In any case your lesson credit is valid for 6 months so you will always have plenty of time to complete your lessons.

During our classes you will be taught through our own custom lesson materials. These use clever principles to get you familiar with the basics of the language. Furthermore your teacher will complement these with exams from previous years to practice your skills and keep track of your progress. That way you’ll know exactly when you’re ready for the real NT2 exam.

Sure, our NT2 cursus can be taken either face to face or online. If you choose online lessons, you receive a 10% discount on the existing package price. Lessons will be given through Skype, Zoom, Google Meet or another suitable video platform.

Definitely. If you wish to speed up the language process and have the time to take multiple lessons a week, we’d be more than happy to assist you with that. You decide on the lesson frequency and length of your NT2 cursus, so you can even start with 1 intensive week and take it slow after that. Intensive study can really help you gain more knowledge quickly and does often lead to fast results.

Our NT2 cursus is completely flexible and will be planned based on your schedule. You let us know which days & amount of hours you have available during the week, we will then find a teacher that fits your needs. Classes can be scheduled at home in Amsterdam, Haarlem or Leiden, in your favorite café or even online.

If and how much homework you will receive all depends on your schedule, language goals and preferences. If you don’t have the time or willingness to focus on homework outside of class, your teacher will not bother you with it. If you want to study a lot outside of lesson hours, then we’ll make sure you can.

Yes, if you wish to take private Dutch lessons with your friend/partner/colleague you can! Your teacher will prepare both of you for the NT2 exam and you get to practice together outside of the ‘classroom’ which will make studying even more fun. Added benefit: every extra student receives a 50% discount on their lesson package!

Yes. We can help you prepare for the Inburgering just as we can do for the NT2 exam. With the help of our custom lesson material and exams from previous years, your private Dutch teacher will help you get prepared in no time.

Yes, our package prices are all inclusive and even cover the teacher’s travel costs. Easy right?

We send you an invoice at the start of your course, the payment can be made through bank transfer. As soon as we have received the full amount, you are ready to start your lessons. There is also the possibility to pay for our popular and premium packages in 3 installments, with the first payment upfront.

Of course! It’s exciting that your employer sees the value of your Dutch language course and we will gladly invoice the full amount to him/her. All we need are the correct contact – & invoice details and we’re good to go.

We offer the possibility to end your course and get a full refund up until your 3rd lesson. Not happy with your teacher or stuck with a busy calendar? We’ll gladly help you find an alternative tutor or extend your lesson credit for another month or 2 to fit your schedule.

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