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Our in-company Dutch lessons help organizations improve productivity, morale, sales and recruitment by empowering their (future) employees. 

Through customized lessons based on neuroscientific principles, we help teams and individuals at any level improve their Dutch communication skills. 

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The Dutch Ready Learning Philosophy

Dutch Ready has an innovative approach to language learning that focuses on studying smarter, not harder. This means less time studying and more time feeling like a true Dutchie. We identify what is most critical to learn, use cognitive principles to easily acquire new knowledge, and simplify difficult concepts.


What our students say about us

  • 5 star review  Emilie was so great to work with. She took the time to really cater the lessons and the scheduling to what works for me. My dutch has improved so much... read more

    thumb Ashley Herbert
    1 October 2021

    5 star review  Philip is a great tutor, he managed to adapt to my style of learning and we are making great progress. He has a great knowledge and methodology, so I'm pretty... read more

    thumb Caio Pisano
    17 August 2021
  • 5 star review  Pim is fantastic , He caters for your knowledge/ ability and is patient with the delivery of the lessons . An absolute pleasure .

    thumb S P (Surge)
    12 August 2021

    5 star review  Very good tutor, well organised and made a lot of progress with my Dutch.

    thumb William Ric-Hansen
    9 August 2021
  • 5 star review  I am very thankful to have Pim as my tutor. He is incredibly knowledgeable, committed, patient and flexible and best of all he makes learning Dutch fun. I look forward... read more

    thumb Carla Fernandes Pereira
    23 July 2021

    5 star review  My lessons with Marten gave me a different perspective about language learning. It was comfortable but serious, engaging and rich in context. It was never dull. Thank you, Dutch Ready,... read more

    thumb Liz Koetsier
    2 July 2021
  • 5 star review  My classes with Connie are the best, she is a really good teacher, makes learning Dutch fun and me looking forward to each of them, totally recommend taking classes with... read more

    thumb Charly Pavón
    16 June 2021

    5 star review  Thank you Danielle for helping Haylen and Phoebe in practicing their dutch. We couldn't have asked for a better tutor! You are a star!!!!

    thumb Laetitia Fredericks
    4 June 2021
  • 5 star review  I'm really enjoying my sessions with Emilie at Dutch Ready! I feel like i'm learning a lot and she's very patient and flexible with finding a learning method that works... read more

    thumb Ashley Herbert
    31 May 2021

    5 star review  My 5year old needed some extra help with learning Dutch. Mitra started working with her and we saw fast improvement with her Dutch. Mitra is incredibly good with my daughter... read more

    thumb Natasha van den Berg
    4 May 2021

In-company lessons to include each employee

Our private in-company Dutch lessons are suitable for everyone, regardless if they are a beginner, intermediate or advanced student. We offer expertise in training a variety of topics such as conversational, reading, writing and listening skills, at various levels.

Whether your employees are looking to improve their small talk at the coffee machine, reach their next language level, or are serious about preparing for their Dutch NT2 exam, we will guide them to reach their goal. By conducting a short assessment at the start of the course, we determine the Dutch language level and learning goals of everyone participating. This allows us to create a customized lesson plan for the entire group.

Teacher teaching student during in-company Dutch lessons
Colleagues from the same company chatting after dutch lessons

Learning Dutch the smart way

The main aim of our in-company lessons is to provide students with the language tools they need to feel confident at work as well as in their daily life. To gain this we focus on practical fluency: learning language skills that are immediately and repeatedly applicable.

During our lessons we practice daily interactions, expressing needs and intent as well as discussing past, present and future actions.  All at minimal effort and maximum result. This reduces miscommunication, improves employee dynamics and leads to an improved quality of life for foreign members of staff.

Flexible in-company lessons. We work around your schedule. 

We think along with your company’s needs and schedule Dutch lessons to fit your availability and that of your employees. This means that you get to decide on the lesson location, time, frequency & length (with a minimum of 1 hour per class).

Not sure what works best? We are happy to advise and can help set up ‘lunch & learns’, create early morning in-company trainings or have your employees study online and from the comfort of their own homes. Did something come up? No problem, as lessons can be rescheduled up to 48 hours in advance.


For beginner students we recommend a course length of 35-45 hours in order to achieve fluency in present, past and future tense. In case the team’s goals are a little bit more low-key, we can start with a shorter course and offer the possibility to extend later.

Lesson lengths are completely flexible and depend on your availability, with a minimum of 1 hour per class. In order to ensure steady progress we advise two 90-minute lessons a week, or a single 2 hour lesson weekly. This ensures both the repetition and depth required to further increase learning speed.

Definitely, our in-company lessons can take place wherever you’d like. We can set up online classes through video call platforms such as Zoom, Teams or Google Meet.

Sure! You and your employees tell us what you wish to focus on. Should conversation be the main learning-goal, then our teachers will customize the lesson content to this specific purpose.

Definitely. Lesson frequency is decided by you and we’d be happy to schedule a couple of intensive ‘Dutch weeks’ to speed up the learning process and gain faster results.

We provide an option for custom homework assignments, which are tailored to your requested goals and in-company lesson content. Homework assignments include phrases that can be immediately made actionable at work and in society, as well as practice-sentences for translation with our custom material.

Every in-company training starts off with a short language level assessment and inventory of personal language objectives for each participant. The answers will give us an idea of how quickly someone will progress, what we need to take into account while shaping the lessons, and how groups can be best formed. Should the levels of Dutch vary quite a lot, we prefer to form multiple smaller groups. This way all of the students will get the personal attention they need to move from one language level to the next.

To ensure a personal level of education and interaction, we advise a maximum group size of 8 students. With smaller groups, participants are able to ask questions easily without slowing down the rest of the group, and everyone is able to receive individual feedback.

We use our own custom lesson materials based on our unique learning method. No lesson material is fixed, as we customize each lesson and tailor these to the group’s learning goals and language levels.

No problem, we’ve helped many students obtain their Dutch citizenship or language certification. Our teachers will bring their own materials to class as well as past exam materials to study and practice for the exams.

Yes, we also provide the option of purchasing a private Dutch course instead of in-company lessons as a group. More information about our private 1-on-1 lessons can be found on this page.

Full payment is done in advance by bank transfer. Once we’ve received the correct invoice details, we’ll send over the invoice by email and start classes as soon as the payment is in. Should payment take longer than 5 days, written communication confirming the purchase of the course is sufficient to start the in-company lessons.

Our customized prices for in-company lessons include Dutch Ready lesson materials, transport costs, personal certificates and VAT.

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