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Dutch grammar can be quite simple. Instead of learning the grammar rules independently, look at the order of words in a sentence. It’s often nearly identical. If a word type isn’t present, it’s just left out. Notice how each question below follows this simple order:

question words  verb + subject  object  context  other verbs?

1. How long does a course take?

Hoe lang duurt een cursus?’

We offer the possibility to choose a 10 -, 20 – or 40 hour lesson package. As you decide on the frequency and length of your Dutch lessons, your course-length can vary from 2 weeks up to 9 months. That’s up to you! Your lesson credit is available for 3-9 months depending on your lesson package. Each package includes at least 10 weeks more than necessary, so you have plenty of time to complete your Dutch course.

2. Do you provide 2-on-1 lessons?

Geven jullie 2-op-1 lessen?’

Yes. Want to learn together with your partner or a friend? Learning is even more fun when you can challenge each other and improve together. Even better, in these cases we offer a 50% discount for the second student!

3. Do you provide online lessons?

Geven jullie online lessen?

Yes. We provide remote Dutch lessons as well as Dutch lessons at home. Private online lessons can be just as effective, fun and easy as in-person lessons. Lessons can be done via Skype, Google Hangouts or any other secure platform. As there are no travel costs, lesson packages for online Dutch lessons come with a 10% discount.

4. How do you give online lessons?

Hoe geven jullie online les?

The platforms we use vary from Google Meet to Zoom to Teams and Skype. It’s really up to you and your teacher to find one that fits both of you best. In terms of content, through use of screen sharing, combined workspaces and the like we’re able to offer a learning experience much like face-to-face lessons. All with the benefits of being online.

5. Do you provide company group lessons?

Geven jullie groepslessen bij bedrijven?

Yes. We provide Dutch lessons at the office for small groups of 3-6 students. Our smaller group size means all students can practice, ask questions and get individual feedback from the tutor. This keeps lessons interactive and ensures everyone gets the personal guidance they deserve. In-company lessons can be given at any level. Contact us to discuss your goals and plan an intake with the group.

6. Do you provide training for the inburgering or NT2 exam?

Geven jullie training voor het inburgerings- of NT2-examen?’

Of course! We’ve helped many students obtain their citizenship or language certification. Private Dutch lessons allow you to further improve your strengths and fix your weaknesses. Practice general skills and conversation or see if you’re ready by working with old exams. Check out our NT2 and Inburgering page for more info!

7. Do you have intensive courses?

Hebben jullie intensieve cursussen?

As you are free to determine both the frequency and duration of your lessons, we can easily customize an intensive course based on your needs. This is definitely a possibility and does often lead to faster results, with the bottleneck being an increased need for vocabulary self-study. Luckily we make learning vocabulary easier and more effective with our Dutch Ready Method. We focus on the most frequently used words first which form the core of the language, kickstart your Dutch with words you secretly already know (the student = de student for example), and use a spaced-repetition platform that improves the speed of learning. This way vocabulary doesn’t fall behind the rest of your progress.

8. How long does it take to learn Dutch?

Hoe lang duurt het om Nederlands te leren?

This is not an easy question to answer, as quite a few different factors come into play when  learning a new language. How long it takes to learn Dutch can depend for example on your mother tongue, your affinity with languages in general and the frequency of your lessons. We do know that 1-on-1 lessons can really speed up the process as well as scheduling at least 2 lessons a week for repetition. From our experience, we have seen students progress from one language level to the next in only 20 – 40 hours of private Dutch lessons!

9. Do I get a lot of homework?

Krijg ik veel huiswerk?

That depends on your preferences! We know that life can be busy and that sometimes it’s just impossible to find the time for extra activities. Which is no problem at all. Once you apply for a trial lesson, we will discuss various topics such as homework. Your private teacher will then follow up on your preferences and requests as much as possible. Language learning made to fit your schedule!

10. Do you provide conversation lessons?

Geven jullie conversatie lessen?

Yes we do! If you wish to improve your Dutch conversational skills, we will make sure that your lessons will focus on speaking primarily. Get ready for lots of talking in Dutch! More info on our conversation courses can be found here.

11. Do you provide group lessons?

Geven jullie groepslessen?

You are free to form a small group with your friends, family members or even colleagues and learn Dutch all together. Traditional group lessons however (where you sit in a classroom with students you don’t know), are not offered by us. We believe in personal attention and customized lesson plans, something we feel can’t be given in a large group set up.

12. Where do lessons take place?

Waar vinden de lessen plaats?

Lessons can take place wherever you want! Most of our students choose to schedule their classes at home, but you can also decide to meet your teacher in your favorite cafe, library or office cafeteria.

13. How long does one lesson take?

Hoe lang duurt een les?

You can decide on the length of the lessons yourself, with a minimum of 1 hour per class. Most of our students choose lessons of 1 to 1.5 hours each, for at least once or twice a week.

14. How often do lessons take place?

Hoe vaak vinden lessen plaats?’

The lessons are set at your own pace, as you personally plan them with your tutor. We have students that have lessons twice a week, as well as students that fill whole days for a personalized intensive course. It’s all up to you and your schedule really. 

15. Do you provide Dutch lessons for children?

Geven jullie lessen Nederlands aan kinderen?’

Yes we do! We have helped many children with adjusting to life in The Netherlands by learning the language. Coming to a new country at a young age can be overwhelming enough, and we love to contribute to the process of settling in. Interested in Dutch lessons for your children? Get in touch!

16. How do I plan my lessons?

Hoe plan ik mijn lessen?

Dutch Ready offers truly flexible lessons. Let us know what days and times are convenient for you, and we’ll find a tutor with fitting availability. You can then plan your lessons with your tutor directly every week. Lessons can be cancelled up to 48 hours in advance. Otherwise, the tutor reserves the right to deduct the reserved time from your lesson credit.

17. Can I use my own course books?

Mag ik mijn eigen lesboek gebruiken?’

Of course! The most important factor is that lessons fit your learning style. If you already have a course book you like, we’re happy to continue in that book with you. Otherwise, we have our own unique lesson material available, completely free.

18. How can I pay?

Hoe kan ik betalen?

Payment is done in advance by bank transfer. We’ll send you over an invoice for your lesson package. Payment can also be done in 2-3 monthly terms, the first of which is then paid before starting. If your employer will be paying for lessons, written communication confirming this is sufficient to start lessons as long as payment is received within 30 days. No worries, no risk, no questions asked. You can always get a refund of your lesson package up until the 3rd lesson.

19. Can my employer pay for my lessons?

Kan mijn werkgever mijn lessen betalen?

He or she sure can! It’s great that your company wants to support you in your Dutch learning journey. All we need from you, are the company invoice – and contact details. We will then be able to make out an invoice to your employer as soon as you’ve chosen a lesson package.

20. Is VAT included in the price?

Is BTW bij de prijs inbegrepen?

Yes. Our lessons are tax free, as the Dutch government agrees that Dutch lessons are essential for expats to work, live and feel at home. All our lessons are exempt under Article 132 of Dutch tax law.

21. How long is lesson credit valid?

Hoe lang is leskrediet geldig?

Lesson credit is valid for 3-9 months, depending on your lesson package. Within these 3-9 months you can decide when and where to have your lessons. This means lessons can simply be paused if you need to travel. You can also get advice on which lesson package best fits your schedule, or when lesson credit validity can be extended.

22. Can I switch tutors?

Kan ik van tutor wisselen?

Yes. Finding the right chemistry is key. That’s why we offer a discounted trial lesson to get to know your tutor. If your tutor’s style isn’t a great fit, let us know. We’ll plan a second trial lesson with a new tutor free of charge. We’ll always help you find the perfect replacement so you can make the most of your lessons.

23. Can lesson credit be refunded?

Kan leskrediet terugbetaald worden?

Yes. We’re convinced of the quality of our tutors and our lessons. So much so that we have a money back guarantee. No worries, no risk, no questions asked. You can get a refund for your remaining lesson credit until after your 3rd lesson. We’re also happy to help you find an alternative tutor with the perfect teaching style at any time.

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