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The life of an expat can get busy. That’s why we offer the flexibility of planning your Dutch conversation lessons whenever you want and wherever you want. All of our lesson packages are valid for 3-9 months so you’ll always be able to finish your Dutch course, no matter what comes up.

Our private Dutch conversation lessons can take place at your home in Amsterdam, Haarlem or Leiden, but you also have the option to schedule classes in your favorite café or library. Even online Dutch lessons are available, with a 10% discount on the regular price. Did something come up last minute? You can cancel your scheduled Dutch lesson free of charge up to 48 hours in advance.

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Studying Dutch at your own pace

Focus on what you want to learn

Set your own goals

Learn based on your interests

Optional homework at your level

Whether you are starting from scratch or feel somewhat comfortable with Dutch already, we are here to help you lift your conversational skills to the next level. Customized lesson materials are provided during class, and will be made to fit your level and learning goals.

One of the ways to become part of a new culture is by gaining confidence in speaking the language. We understand that this can feel intimidating at first, and will guide you through the process from start to finish. By making you feel comfortable with pronunciation, sentence structures and recognizing the words that are most important, you will feel like a true Dutchie in no time.

Private Dutch teachers to help you speak in no time

Find a teacher that is right for you

Clear and friendly explanation

Direct Feedback

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Our teachers are all native Dutch speakers and language enthusiasts, excited to help you improve your conversational skills fast. Through a personal assessment of your level and language goals, we will make sure to find you a teacher that suits you best.

It is important to have good chemistry with your tutor and feel confident about your choice. We therefore offer a discounted trial lesson (€15,-) before starting your conversation course. This lesson is meant to get to know your teacher and see if they match your personality and preferences. Not completely satisfied? We’ll call to assess and offer a second trial lesson for free.

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Study Method

During our online Dutch lessons we focus on what you already know, and simplify what you still need to learn. By using grammar comparison and other clever learning hacks, you can kickstart your Dutch and learn to speak Dutch comfortably.


Study smarter, not harder

Here’s what our students have to say

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"I'm thoroughly enjoying my one-to-one online lessons with my teacher, Annette. I'm learning lots in a very supportive environment, in a sensible, logical order. I'm practicing lots of speaking to activate my Dutch, as well. I recommend DutchReady absolutely."
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"My teacher Connie is the best Dutch teacher I could ask for. I couldn't speak a word of Dutch and in 20 lessons I can carry out a conversation (that native speakers actually understand!), I can help my son in school, I can understand the Dutch documents that arrive in my mail, I can read Dutch news and lots more! In short, Connie built out a method tailored for my needs that was very effective. I can't thank her enough!"
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“I started my classes this year and its the best decision I made to have a private tutor. I started having basic conversations in Dutch and can understand so much more. It really has made my stay in Amsterdam a lot easier! My teacher and I now speak about everything going on in our daily lives, like work and what we did over the weekend. I would say anyone keen to learn Dutch, Dutch Ready is a great place to do it!”
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"I took up a package just to get me speaking more comfortably and easily, and I definitely saw a difference come to the end of it. Really enjoyed my lessons and have recommended to others."
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"Great experience with private Dutch lessons at Dutch Ready. Having the ability to tailor your learnings to your own needs (speaking, in my case), makes the learning process much more enjoyable because you see progress really quick. Thanks to Casper, today I'm able to speak and even do presentations in Dutch. Definitely recommended."
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"I was very well matched with my individual teacher Connie. I communicated my needs that I has such a negative experience at another learning school and coming from a teaching background myself I just needed confidence and a teacher that was invested in me. Connie is just that and I believe my Dutch has improved greatly as a result."

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* Estimates are based on current students and dependent upon time spent outside of lessons, similarity of learner native language, and learning aptitude. Results may vary.

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If for any reason Dutch Ready doesn’t live up to your expectations, or maybe your financial situation has changed, just let us know before your third lesson. No forms, no hoops. We make cancelling easy.

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How long it takes for students to have (fluent) Dutch conversations, is a difficult question to answer. The reason for this, is that a lot of factors influence your progress such as the frequency and length of your Dutch conversation lessons, which languages you already speak and how often you practice your conversation skills outside of class. In general we already see a huge change in many of our students in just 20 hours, whilst reasonable fluency can already be reached in approximately 40 hours. That is great progress in a short amount of time!

If you come to class as a beginner student, then some grammar will most likely come into play to explain certain sentence structures and conjugations. Grammar is still at the basis of speaking. If you already know some Dutch however and really wish to focus only on speaking, then grammar will only be discussed when necessary to improve your speaking skills. Your teacher will discuss the various options with you and will listen to your needs and wants, making your lessons completely customized and focused on your personal language goals.

Our Dutch conversation lessons take place when and where you want. This means that you can schedule classes from the comfort of your own home, at your favorite café or even online. During your intake, you can let us know which days and times suit you best and we’ll go out to find a teacher that matches your preferences. Studying made easy!

No that’s not necessary at all! Our private conversation lessons are suitable for every level, regardless if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced speaker.

Time spent on homework really depends on the time that you have available outside of class. Some of our students prefer not to have homework at all, whilst others really enjoy the challenge of practicing their Dutch speaking skills as often as they can. In any case, your teacher will discuss the various options with you so you can decide together if and how much homework you eventually get.

We use our own customized materials that support our teaching method. Every lesson and student is different, that’s why we don’t work with fixed textbooks. If however you wish to work with books of your own, we’d be happy to use them during our conversation lessons to complement the materials we already have.

Absolutely. Online lessons have gotten more popular lately and are a great alternative to face to face conversation classes. As there are no travel costs involved, we offer a 10% discount on online lessons. You can book your trial lesson here.

Yes, you can plan your Dutch lessons as often as you’d like! Since all of our conversation courses are private, lessons are planned around your schedule, language goals and wishes. Studying Dutch multiple times a week can really help improve your language skills and get you up to speed in no time. Has your schedule changed? No problem, you can reschedule your Dutch lessons up to 48 hours in advance, free of charge.

Sure! Practicing and studying together with someone else can really help improve motivation, your speaking skills and adds a lot of fun (also very important of course). We offer 2-on-1 lessons but can also teach you in a group of 3 or even 4. Good to know: every extra student receives a 50% discount on their lesson package. More information can be found on this page.

Yes we do. We have helped quite a few organizations and teams with improving their Dutch language skills and they have seen great results in productivity and morale. Our in-company lessons are taught in small groups with up to 8 participants to ensure plenty of personal attention. Classes can be given either online or at location and are suitable for every level.

Yes we can. We have helped many students study for their exams already and obtain their citizenship. By using past exams combined with our own custom study materials, our tutors will help you feel comfortable and optimally prepared for your NT2 – or Inburgering Exam.

We offer the possibility to take Dutch lessons together with your colleagues, partner, family members or friend(s) but don’t offer traditional group courses. We believe that personal attention and focusing on your goals and language level is key to learning a new language. Unfortunately this is often not the case during group lessons, where the focus mainly lies on the group as a whole and getting through a textbook. That’s why we only offer private lessons, where we can really help you improve your Dutch language skills fast.

Even better: our lessons are completely tax free as the government sees the importance of learning Dutch. Apart from tax, we include travel costs, lesson materials and your own private teacher in our package price.

We send you an invoice before the start of your lesson package, which you can pay by bank transfer. Our Popular & Premium Packages are also payable in 2 or 3 terms, of which the first term is to be paid before your first lesson. Has your company agreed to pay for your Dutch conversation course? That’s great! All we need are their company details and email address, and we’ll send the invoice directly to them.

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