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Many people learning Dutch get stuck in thinking about what they want to say and don’t get to actually saying it.  We call this: “Overthinking instead of speaking.” During the silence, the listener switches to English. “Oh nee!” The end of what could have been a chance to connect or express yourself.

This is because most learners lack practice. Traditional group lessons often can’t provide time to practice speaking with a partner that knows the language.  Once you’re actually trying to speak Dutch outside the lesson, you have no idea what to say. Not a great investment.

We think lessons should be about practicing, asking questions and learning to speak with confidence in a quick and effective way. That’s why we focus on private lessons, with an approach based on 30+ years of liguistics and neuroscience research.

During our Dutch lessons we start with the things you already know from other languages, and simplify what you still need to learn. Loan words, fixed sentence patterns, and lots of other science-based language hacks make learning and speaking easy.

Always practice one-on-one with our private Dutch teachers to get personalized, direct feedback from a native speaker. Learn at your own speed, in your own way. Whatever your goals, your personal teacher will help you get there.


Experience it yourself!

“Ervaar het zelf!”
Meet your tutor. Decide if our lessons are right for you.
No commitment.
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"Hoi, ik ben Casper!"

Hi, I’m Casper

When I moved from the Netherlands to the U.S. as a child, I didn’t speak a single word of English. All I could do was try to learn. I know how powerful it can be to break down the language barrier and finally be able to speak to someone openly. Through Dutch Ready, I want to share that feeling with others.

Coming from a neuroscience background, I was surprised that no other Dutch course actually used the natural way our brains learn a new skill – by applying what you already know, and simplifying what you don’t. Having shaped our method around this principle, I’m confident you’ll be amazed by how easy Dutch can be.

Why private lessons are best

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Also want to learn Dutch quickly?

We help hundreds of expats learn Dutch every year!
Meet your tutor. Decide if our lessons are right for you.
No commitment.
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Dutch lessons for busy expats

What does it cost?

“Hoeveel kost het?”

In Dutch we have a saying: “goedkoop is duurkoop”, which translates to ‘cheap fixes end up being expensive’.

Lessons are only worth as much as their results. Our private lessons are an investment in optimized personal learning.

Smart learning materials and individual guidance.

More speaking time. More feedback. More progress.

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Our online lesson packages

Price indications are for 1 student.
You can choose your lesson package after your trial lesson.


10 hours
Total: €558


20 hours
Total: €1,062
Save 5%


40 hours
Total: €2,016
Save 11%
*Indications are based on previous results.
Progress speed varies depending on language similarity, language learning aptitude and time spent practicing outside of lessons.

It's simple to get started!

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2. Personal Intake

Tell us about your learning goals, your struggles and your preferences.

3. Trial Lesson

Meet your tutor and have your first lesson (60 min). Experience the Dutch Ready method.

Lesson Package

Decide if you want to continue with an additional 10, 20 or 40 hours of lessons.

Experience it yourself!

“Ervaar het zelf!”
Meet your tutor. Decide if our lessons are right for you.
No commitment.

How can we help?

“Hoe kunnen we helpen?”
Not sure yet? Ask us anything.
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Every student is different.
Every lesson should be too.

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Our results have been amazing:


Frequently asked questions

"Veel gestelde vragen"

If you’re goal is to speak with confidence we’re here to help. To learn effectively you need to embrace making mistakes and truly become interested in what you’re trying to learn. Our tutors create a safe learning environment and guide you towards exercise material that is relevant to your personal interests.

During your intake you can decide when and where you want lessons. You also decide lesson length and frequency, though we do recommend 2 lessons of 1.5 hours each week for the best results. Lessons are planned directly with your tutor and can be cancelled up to 48 hours in advance.

We’ll always try our best to find a tutor for your preferred time and location. If we can’t find a fitting tutor, we’ll suggest alternative lesson scheduling, or fully refund the trial purchase.

Lessons take place online, or at your home or office. Whichever you prefer. If you’re the adventurous type, many of our tutors are happy to show you the city during your lessons as well.
Our first question would be: how much homework do you want? Some of our students simply can’t find the time in their busy lives and that is absolutely ok! We work based on your schedule and not the other way around. Want to keep practicing outside of the lessons? Your teacher will discuss with you the amount and type of homework that is suitable for you.
We definitely can! Our teachers have plenty of experience with preparing students for their Dutch language exams. We can determine your current level together before the start of the online course, where after we help you gain the knowledge you still need to pass your exam.
Don’t worry, you won’t. Lessons can be cancelled free of charge up to 48 hours in advance. Cancellations within 48 hours will be billed in full. Also, you can decide your own lesson time, so lessons will always be convenient in your busy schedule.

You get to decide together with your teacher which online platform works best for the both of you. This can range from Skype to Zoom to Google Meet.

Of course! We think it’s great when your employer supports your language journey and are happy to create a company invoice. We simply need the invoice details and the email of the person who handles invoicing within your organization.

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Meet your tutor. Decide if our lessons are right for you.
No commitment.
Not sure yet? Ask us anything.
We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
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